Philadelphia Experiment Part 2
For those of you who enjoyed the first part we posted yesterday, here’s Part 2, even more trippy and amazing! Black and white vibes from the city…


Philadelphia Experiment Part 1
In the unfinished Youtube jungle, everyone has his own experience and tips… Our friend Juan Massenya from Radio France is an amazing source when it comes to 60’s and 70’s US social movies! Feel the...


Fela Anikulapo-Kuti:
Black President

Financed by the afrobeat icon himself, this film was completed one day before the soldiers attack (Nigeria Army) on Kalakuta on 18th February 1977. The original sound-track was burnt in the inferno.


Phil Woods: Freedom Jazz Dance
Disciple of Charlie Parker, the saxophonist was more than a reference for the jazz community, as Quincy Jones among many others. He was one of the latest historical memories of jazz, from straight ahead to...


Talking About The Ghetto
Our friend Juan Massenya, former boss of the Hi&Fly record label and now producer/journalist at Radio France/Le Mouv’ passed by the shop yesterday and bought the essential Truth&Soul reissue of the Ghetto Brothers LP! While...


Sabroso : afro futurism
« Tropical futurism », sums up Mauricio Alvarez, producer of Cero 39. This band mixes west-indies rhythms and electronic music, UK bass and merengue… He takes us on a trip from Bogota to the colombian...


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By Jazz Symphonics
Call it jazz dance, deep jazz or spiritual jazz, this is for sure our type of jazz at Superfly!

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