Alan Lomax:
Fife On The Bayou

August 25th, 1978. Napolian Strickland (fife and harmonica) and the Como Drum Corps at a picnic outside of Como, Mississippi. Fever on the trance-floor !


Roland Kirk :
Sound Design

In 1966 and 1967, british independent filmmaker Dick Fontaine blended footage by post-bop multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk improvising live at Ronnie Scott’s with bits by experimental composer John Cage.


Dieuf-Dieul de Thiès: afro-beats
Amazing footage of the band’s most recent rehearsals with interviews of the leaders. Check the story behind this cult senegalese combo from the late 70s.


Bo Diddley:
The Real Man

The native from Mississippi had invented what they would later call rock’n’roll. This is why he was also known as ‘The Originator’ because of his key role in this transition. This video, recorded on november...


Joe Sample : Jazz To Funk
Former member of The Jazz Crusaders (known as The Crusaders in the 70’s), keys player Joe Sample left earth September 2014! Check his unique skills in suit during the 60’s or on a more funky...


Don Cherry:
Trip in Paris

Follow in Paris a Black man, a free jazz trumpeter, who comes from another planet. He searches for the truth on this world, but doesn’t know which path to take ! He wanders on various...


Track of the Day

Orelha Negra santa ela

Santa Ela
By Orelha Negra
Full support for this Portuguese hip hop/soul sensation, heavy rotation on this one and full respect to Radio Nova Porto for the mind-blowing selections.

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