Dig of the week

Les Bi-Tops
Incredible version of West Indian classic tune ‘D’leau Coco’ by this Haitian group. Killer!


Dig of the week

Les Zouker's
During the early eighties in West Indies, zouk music is at the top of its creativity, like this massive Tropical tune for the dancefloor. Thanks at Roland Louis, the session’s boss, for this present!


Dig of the week

Pierre Blain et Son Orchestre
Deep Compas track (early 70’s) luckily found during a recent trip, Pierre Blain at his top! Check “Les Etoiles”…

Pierre Blain Front
Pierre Blain Back

Dig of the week

Jean-Pierre Djeukam: Africa Iyo
Cameroon Psych Funk UFO found after a long listening session, hard to guess from the cover how heavy this could be… Massive!


Dig of the week

Les Bois Sirop
Splendid jazzy biguine, very catchy and soulful tune on this very hard to find LP on Martinique’s Hit Parade, first time for us through old West Indian DJ collection!


Dig of the week

Max Labor: Mama Says
Here’s a very hard to find West Indian Jazz LP – feat. Steve Potts and Adolphe Parillon – with all the right ingredients to please the Jazz Dance heads, super catchy progressive beats, scooped in...

Max Labor hold fast the biguine
Max Labor hold fast the biguine

Track of the Day


2019 (1970) / Altercat (Stylo)

Highly welcome reissue of Brazilian crossover folk rarity from 1970, amazing LP!

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