Dig of the week

Bruno Maia : Sou Do Cais
Nice find in the middle of a huge lot of 80’s/90’s rock LP’s, a boogie funk bomb from 1990 at very obscure and under the radar LP! Nice…

bruno maia front
bruno maia back

Dig of the week

Alan Moorhouse: West Coastin
This one could be dig of the season at least! We’ve been lucky enough to buy a huge stock of KPM library LP’s… Of course the big ones like ‘The Big Beat’, ‘The Big Beat...


Dig of the week

Cosmos Zani: Humanism
Crunchy online dig, a blind buy but not so blind, just check the amazing artwork, could not go wrong. Does not happen so often these days, not cheap but quite a bargain by today’s standards…...

Cosmos Zani poverty front
Cosmos Zani poverty back

Dig of the week

Isaac and Sakie Special Band: For Your Love
The best record from a recent African haul, proto-disco bomb from South Africa on this super obscure French produced 45, killer version of the Yardbirds hit. Totally hooked!

Isaac and Sckie Special band for your love 1
Isaac and Sakie Special Band for your love 2

Dig of the week

Salsa Corralera: Descarga A
One more amazing find in my favorite bookshop in Paris! Next door to my place, reason why I’m there as often as I can, great finds are rarer nowadays but you’re still able to find...


Dig of the week

Gabin Feat. Dee Dee Bridgewater: Into My Soul
More digging through some old 1 euro sales boxes, and more great finds! This 2005 italian 12’’ (Family Affair) has since became a big Northern Soul club tune and a highly desirable record (check Discogs!)....

back cover

Track of the Day


Je voudrais danser avec toi
By Les Bois Sirop
2017/Born Bad Records/Digger’s Digest
Two years ago, it was a dig of the week. For this summer, this splendid latin boogaloo (70s/Hit Parade) could be a good soundtrack for dance lovers.

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