Dig of the week

Monte Browne: Music Music
Cracking basement dig found in our Bahamas quest for Frankie Zhivago, super rare indie Boogie 12 inch, banger!

Monte Browne music music_1
Monte Browne music music_2

Dig of the week

Mary Moor: Pretty Day
Despite records are harder to find everywhere, I just scored again at my usual and still favourite diggin’ place in Paris! Found for the first time this cult minimal synth/wave single released at Barney Wilen...


Dig of the week

Various Body & Soul
Formidable and unusual dig this week as this is a CD, found in my mother’s attic in Portugal during my last holiday. This is the very first Superfly production back in 2001 and only 5...

Various Body And Soul_front
Various Body And Soul_back

Track of the Day


Hedi Bled Noum
By Shams Dinn
Addictive Moroccan boogie tune out of obscure 7’’!

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