Dig of the week

Carlos Santos: Lo Mio
Always nice to discover an new salsa dura LP, even more when it looks a bit overlooked and at famous label. Produced by Louie Ramirez (you can’t go wrong with him!), this LP is a...


Dig of the week

Carlos Maria Trindade / Nuno Canavarro: Mr. Wollogallu
Stunning minimal synth folk action on this killer Portuguese UFO LP from 1991 acquired through a blind trade with our old friend Rui Miguel Abreu from Lisbon. The LP is a blast!

Carlos Maria Trindade _ Nuno Canavarro guiar front
Carlos Maria Trindade _ Nuno Canavarro guiar back

Dig of the week

Super Parada Tupi
Another sent from heaven basement find, didn’t know about this compilation (1973) before but it has the super hot Brazilian groove tune “A gira” by Trio Ternura which is rare as hen’s teeth on 45!

Trio Ternura a gira1
Trio Ternura a gira2

Dig of the week

Viejas Raices: De las colonias del Rio de la Plata
The nicest record from a small but very well curated Jazz collection purchased this week. We’ve known this one for quite a while but still sounds so unique and special. Produced by legendary Argentinian Jazz...

Viejas Raices El viaje de Dumpty front
Viejas Raices El viaje de Dumpty

Dig of the week

Sonny Grey: Journey Without End (Edit)
A lazy sunday afternoon dig from back in the days, been lucky enough to find in a 1 euro box of vinyl at a book shop a small dead stock (12 copies) of this French...


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Deixa Isso Pra La
By Elza Soares
Amazing dialogue between this superlative voice and the master drummer of Brazilian music!

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