Dig of the week

N'Draman Blintch: Pass Port
Cosmic Sounds from Nigeria 1980… Best Disco thing we have heard in a long time, this is a hell of a Disco trip, close to perfection. Big respect to the huge digging work of our...

Ndraman Blintch pass port_front
Ndraman Blintch pass port_back

Dig of the week

Pont sur Congo-Zaïre
We always strive for bit of Congolese madness, this one is pretty wild and so rare, featuring Edouard Ganga, check the horns, a total killer. As they said : «C’est toujours comme ça!»

Congo All Stars cest toujours comme ca_front
Congo All Stars cest toujours comme ca_back

Dig of the week

Friends of Distinction: Reviviscence
Thanks to the homie Fredfades who popped by the store last week, this LP is totally new to us, rarer that it seems. Here is our favorite track, “When A Little Love Began To Die”,...

Friends of Distinction when a little love began to die
Friends of Distinction when a little love began to die_back

Dig of the week

The Techniques (Disco Jungle)
Some hard spacey Funk a la Turner Bros on New York digging action, thanks to Rob Sevier at NumeroGroup.

The Techniques disco jungle
The Techniques disco jungle2

Dig of the week

Fela Fela Fela
A clean copy of one of the rarest Fela LPs just popped at the store thanks to one of our international regulars, could not help but shaking a bit. Witchcraft is the jam on there!

Fela witchcraft_front
Fela witchcraft_back

Dig of the week

Weldon Irvine... Sinbad
One of the good things about the US is you can still walk into a store and find a rare Weldon Irvine original slightly cheaper than the reissue. Does not happen too much in Europe...

Weldon Irvine I love you_front
Weldon Irvine I love you_back

Track of the Day

Mac Rocci night travel

Night Travel
By Mac Rocci
Incredibly good fender rhodes library style Italian Jazz groover.

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