Dig of the week

Los Kataneos: Dance Party A Cuba
In the late 50’s, Paris was a huge place to party over latin rhythms! The bands that were playing in clubs eventually did a few records and, amongst all of them, the 10’’ LP of...


Dig of the week

Mireille Bitty: Mariage
Can’t get enough of this : the rarest and best 80s TP Audiorama record with the splendid voice of Mireille Bitty, sublime harmonies and killer early Coupe Decale rhythm, super hard to find.

Mireille-Bitty_Mariage front
Mireille-Bitty_Mariage back

Dig of the week

Jose Prates: Tam… Tam… Tam…!
This week I’ve been travelling to center of France to check an old man collection! Through very nice latin LP’s (which I bought of course!), I’ve been lucky enough to find one of the holy...


Dig of the week

Patricia Majalisa: Witch Doctor
From an old Pop and Rock store stock load a previously unknown South African surprise, RSA Boogie with that special touch, perfect for these sunny days. Summertime!

Patricia-Majalisa_Summertime front
Patricia-Majalisa_Summertime back

Dig of the week

Tabala Mouv'
The most exciting find from a recent African haul, Boogie Zouk UFO with ace production, killer keys, hot tune!

tabala_Tabala-Mouv front
tabala_Tabala-Mouv back

Dig of the week

Bernard Purdie: Lialeh
Back to those old holy grail finds! Sometimes, you need to have a bit of luck… At a famous Parisian record fair around 10 years ago, remember being second on the racks of the best...


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By Jazz Symphonics
Call it jazz dance, deep jazz or spiritual jazz, this is for sure our type of jazz at Superfly!

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