Dig of the week

La Perfecta
Now this is one of the most incredible finds from recent years as far as we are concerned : one of the hottest tropical spins ever on a 45! Have you ever seen this? The...


Dig of the week

Pascal Bony et ses Cantadors de la capitale
Super deep tune (“Année de la femme”!), wild rhythm from Ivory Coast (EMI/Pathé 1977). Unique style! Found recently in small parisian shop…

Pascal Bony Front
Pascal Bony Back

Dig of the week

L'Immortel jazz des jeunes
We like to go digging west indies, because each time we found pure gems, like this fantastic heavy-sounding uptempo Haitian Compas from 1976 on this rare LP. Eternal..

Immortel Jazz des Jeunes chatt mimi front
Immortel Jazz des Jeunes chatt mimi back

Dig of the week

Ghalia et El Oujdi: Maniche Mana
Deep algerian (Sétif) tune from Ghalia et El Oujdi released on French label Chandor, found in french “brocante”!

Ghalia Front
Ghalia Back

Dig of the week

Duo Ouro Negro: Africanissimo
Ultra cool version of the Edu Lobo ‘Upa Neguinho’ from the very rare 1959 LP with Sivuca recorded during his short spell in Lisbon, extremely rare.

front duo oura negro
back duo negro

Dig of the week

Manuel Gomes: Fantazia
Ultra cool, quirky funky modern Funana with synth work, the sound of the moment, ultra rare! A kind of William Onyeabor from the Cape Verde Islands.

manuel gomes back

Track of the Day

Miles-Davis_ Maiysha

By Miles Davis
Hard to describe this deep spiritual ballad, a huge wave of beauty where you could find elements of funk, echoes of jazz, memories of blues, and gospel, before, after all… For ever.

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