Dig of the week

Les Loups Noirs Jouent Pour Vous
Totally incredible early uptempo haitian compas, assureably one of the best tracks of the genre on this ultra rare early Ibo LP found on a recent trip to the Caribbean.


Dig of the week

Ostinazione Al Limone
One of our friends put his hands on some crazy italian soundtracks. Hopefully we manage to get some out of his stock, most of them previously unknown to our ears! Check this weird drama jazzy...


Dig of the week

Orchestre Le Peuple – Trio Ce Pa Kos
Another Parisian suburb lucky early morning flea market find, this LP published by Pathe in 1977 features Pamelo Mounka and is a pure gemm with the highlight being this melancholic track, so deep!

Orchestre le peuple Front
Orchestre le peuple Back

Dig of the week

Os Tubaroes: Tema Para Dois
Here’s a tune that sounds like nothing else : hypnotic funky rhythm, big band horns and deep coladera melodies by the mighty Tubaroes from Cabo Verde!

os tubaroes-tema-para-dois
os tubaroes tema para dois back

Dig of the week

Dr Paa Bobo: Enye M’ania
Superb highlife for the tropical DJ’s, like this track, ‘Papaye nni Aye’. This LP very well produced in UK was lost in the sales of the shop! Dig deep…


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By Jazz Symphonics
Call it jazz dance, deep jazz or spiritual jazz, this is for sure our type of jazz at Superfly!

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