Dig of the week

Çagdas Oyun Havalari
We normally aren’t so attracted by this type of covers, but thought this girl could hide something special. So we went for a rare blind buy at one of our regular digging spots and were...

Oyun Face
Oyun Back

Dig of the week

Takeshi Inomata: Morning After
Astonishing new japanese jazz discovery: totally killer Yamaha Synth based Library style stormer mixing traditional japanese sounds, heavy! Published on Toshiba Jap late 70s…

Takeshi Inomata when we were sixteen
Takeshi Inomata when we were sixteen_back

Dig of the week

Henri Guedon: Son Tamboo La
One friend sold us his collection in Guadeloupe and what a surprise! One of the rarest Guedon single (1971/UTIPIC 001), a great cover of “Son Tamboo La”, Guedon classic tune!

Guedon Front
Guedon Back

Dig of the week

Daniel Wescott: Old Testament
From one of our fellow digger’s, we get this amazing piece (1980/Auvidis) of modern synth and drums breakbeat! Weird and funky at the same time, way ahead of his time! Check this track “Chapitre 3:...

old testament front
old testament back

Dig of the week

Kaoguiamo : Steh Auf Sklave!
Fantastic song of politically-engaged Bissau/Cabo Verde folk in tribute to independence hero Amilcar Cabral. This is the Abel Lima’s first recording. Super rare record pressed in Germany found recently in world music collection, as rare...

Abel Lima Amilca Cabral_front
Abel Lima Amilca Cabral_back

Track of the Day


My Dreams Are Clouded
By Henry Thomas And Rise
Irresistible boogie tune, should have been a hit!

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